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Welcome to the Department of Chemistrys web page. We hope that you will find it helpful in learning about our undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as about our students, faculty and staff. The St. Xavier’s College Ahmedabad is the flagship educational institution in the State and the Department of Chemistry is its oldest PhD granting Department in the college. We invite you to use the various links to our home page to learn more about the unique opportunities for students in both our graduate and postgraduate research programs.

We hope this web site will provide you with the information about the Department that you are looking for. If not, please let us know by sending us a short note at . We will get back to you in short order with the information that you request.
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The Department of Chemistry was established in 1956. The Department of Chemistry at St Xavier’s College is recognized as one of the best department in the college. The Department has an illustrious history in sharing the SXC tradition of excellence and has provided regional leadership in chemical education and research. The Department’s strong record of achievement is based on its in chemical research, its success in incorporating these advances into teaching and research programs and its close relationship to government and industry.

The Department presently has 9 faculty members, all of whom participate in the graduate and postgraduate educational program and direct active research programs. There are currently about 200 students in undergraduate chemistry majors and nearly 60 postgraduate students in the Department. Approximately 33% or more of our students are women. This representation of students from widely different backgrounds contributes to the enrichment of student life within the Department.

The Department’s program of teaching and research spans the breadth of chemistry. General areas covered include biological chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, physical and analytical chemistry. Specialized areas such as supramolecular chemistry, synthetic heterocyclic chemistry and medicinal chemistry are also covered.

In 1995 the department also began offering a self financed, vocation course in Industrial Chemistry. Going with the trend for vocational education, career oriented programme (COP) in “Instrumental Chemical Analysis” was introduced by the Department and have 42 and 50 students in 2011-12 and in 2012-13 respectively.

Gujarat is hub of Chemical industries like Dyes, Drugs, Petrochemicals, Cement, Fertilisers, Pesticides etc. All the newly synthesized products need structural evaluation and elucidation. Looking to the importance and requirements of analytical Chemists in such industries, College has introduce New distance learning initiative with Indira Gandhi Open University IGNOU –Post Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (PGDAC) and running successfully since three years.

The Department has departmental library with 57 reference books.


The Department of Chemistry at St Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad seeks to be recognized as one of the best chemistry programs with acknowledged excellence in research, instruction, and outreach.

Mission / Goal

The faculty and staff of the Department of Chemistry are dedicated to the creation and dissemination of knowledge in all aspects of the chemical sciences. We strive to enable students to make meaningful contributions to our diverse, technological society and to improve the lives of the citizens. The short-term goals of the Department focus on improving the educational experience in Chemistry at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and on enhancing the Department’s long-term contributions in research and service to the citizens of the world.
To help us accomplish these goals we remain dedicated to a core set of values: excellence in teaching and research, respect for all members of the Department and University,diversity in our students, faculty and staff, and service.

Courses Offered > Undergraduate Programme

B Sc in Chemistry

Courses Offered > Postgraduate Programme

Master of Science in Chemistry

The two-year (four semesters) Master’s Programme in Chemistry (specializations in Organic Chemistry) aims at providing a comprehensive study of various branches of chemistry to develop a critical and analytical approach to all major areas of the subject. The various papers in the first two semesters are presented in such a way as to give the students a harmonious view of the subject followed by the specialization papers of organic chemistry in the last two semesters. Equal importance is given to both theory and practicals. The teaching methodology includes lecture, demonstration, seminars, presentations and Industrial trainings.

Course Objectives

1. To prepare the students to teach chemistry in centres of higher education.
2. To equip them to perform functions that demand higher competence in national/international organizations.
3. To train the students in scientific research.
4. To help them find meaning in life by broadening their field of vision

Salient Features

1. Approaching the subject from academic and practical points of view.
2. Opportunity to attend seminars, workshops etc.
3. Extra-curricular activities for peer interaction, growth of organizational skills and personality development.
4. Well equipped and spacious laboratories.
5. Well qualified and experienced staff.
6. Industrial collaboration/training.
7. Placement opportunities.
8. Good library and internet facilities.

Organic Semester 3-4

Master of Science (Chemistry-Physical) Sem 1-2

Master of Science (Chemistry-Organic) Sem 1-2

Master of Science (Chemistry-Inorganic) Sem 1-2

Master of Science (Chemistry-Analytical) Sem 1-2

M.Sc Chemistry Design & Structure

Courses Offered > COP

Courses Offered > PGDAC

Courses Offered > Industrial Chemistry


No Name Qualification Profile
1 Dr. Nirmal Desai M.Sc., Ph.D, Post-Doc (Hungary)
2 Dr. Atul Haribhai Makwana Ph. D., M. Sc.(Organic Chemistry)
3 Prof. Dinesh Katara M.Sc., Pursuing Ph.D.
4 Prof. Francis Christy M.Sc., Pursuing Ph.D.
5 Prof. Bijal Shah M.Sc., Pursuing Ph.D.
6 Dr. Mallika Sanyal M Sc., PhD
7 Dr. Dilip V. Vasava M.Sc. B.Ed. Ph.D
8 Dr. Pranav Trivedi M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry), Ph.D. (Chemistry)
9 Dr. Devang R. Pandya PhD (M.B.D.), M.Sc. (Org.), SCOPE ‘B’ M.Sc. (Inorganic), B.Sc.(Chem.), CIC, FICC



Gaurav Desai
GAS Mechanic
Phone(m): 9879884557

Edwin Mcwan
Store In charge
Phone(m): 9824063325

Hetal Makwana
Lab Assistant
Phone(m): 9429425013

Shailesh Mistry
Lab Assistant
Phone(m): 9662799771

Hemant K. Vaghela
Phone(m): 7359671498

Past Seminars And Events

1) International Year of Chemistry

Chemistry department received 1lac rupees from UGC to celebrate International year of Chemistry 2011.
In association with Xavier’s research Foundation, Chemistry department organized two events to celebrate IYC-2011 to popularize Chemistry. A work shop was organized on “Analytical tools for estimation” in association with XRF. The major event was held on 17th Dec 2011. More than 160 students participated from six different science colleges of Ahmedabad. The one of the event was titled as “Inter College Completion on “Chemistry” for Life. The Key note address was delivered by Prof (Dr) S K Patel from South Gujarat University Surat, followed by Quiz competition. After the lunch break students participated in Poster competition. More than 63 poster were evaluated by Two judges (Prof Dr N K Shah from Department of Chemistry, Gujarat University and Prof J J Vora From M G Science college.
Live Chemistry Demonstration competition was also organized along with poster presentation and 28 students participated in the completion.
The Association of Chemical Technologist India ACTI (Ahmedabad) has also partially sponsored some of the prizes for the first three winners of the Competition in addition to prizes given by college.

2) Academic Tour CSMCRI Bhavnagar

An academic trip to Central Salt and Maine Chemicals Research Institute, (CSMCRI), Bhavnagar was organized for the Third Year students of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry (40 students along with 6 Faculty members), SXCA on 19th October 2012.They visited the Biodiesel unit, where Biodiesel was being produced form Jatropha seeds and micro-algae. The second unit was Electro-Membrane Lab where ultra pure water was being produced. The analytical unit was next having two NMR spectrometers, one with 200MHz and the other with 500 MHz frequency, scanning electron microscope which can magnify up to 3.5 lakh times used to analyse metal oxide nano particles and salt crystals. One more jewel was Electron microscope which has a magnification capacity up to 15 lakh times. It is used to analyse the shape, size and surface topology of any particle and also nano fibres and bacteria colonies.
In the RO unit the group met Dr. P S Anand who explained how CSMCRI solved the problem of high Arsenic content in the ground water in the North district of West Bengal. Several R O Units with Arsenic selective membranes were installed in some houses by CSMCRI as the project met with success, such cylinder were also installed in mosques so that a larger number of people could be benefitted from it.
The last unit visited was the membrane casting unit. In this unit non-permeable salt waters were prepared. Into it a non -woven cloth is first made to undergo polysulphonation. Later it undergoes amination and further cross-linking is done by acetyl chloride. With this process membranes with different pore size can be produced.


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Forthcoming Events



▪ BSc Chemistry Syllabus Semester 1 and 2
▪ BSc Chemistry Syllabus Semester 3 and 4
▪ BSc Chemistry Syllabus Elective-Separation Methodsin Chemistry Semester 1
▪ Industrial Chemistry Syllabus Elective IC Sem I and II
▪ BSc Chemistry Semester 3 and 4 Elective
▪ MSc Chemsitry Semester 1 and 2
▪ MSc Chemistry Semester 3 and 4


Contact Us

Contact information:
Department of Chemistry,
St Xavier’s College,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380013
Phone: +91-79-26308057
Website: St. Xavier’s College A’Bad