St. Xavier’s College translates its academic goals into reality by offering 12 COP courses in 2006. These courses are UGC approved and university recognized. There are 6 in arts and 6 in science. Some of the COP courses are career oriented. It ensures that, once completed, a student is able to get a job in their field of specialization.

The college has been offering courses in

(1) Counselling

(2) Creative Arts

(3) English Language and Communication Skills

(4) Foreign Trade Management

(5) Journalism

(6) Rural Development

(7) Bio-informatics

(8) Computer Hardware

(9) Gardening and Landscaping

(10) Microbial Biotechnology

(11) Microprocessors and Photonics

(12) Nutrition and Dietetics

(13) Applied Statistics and SPSS

(14) Instrumental Chemical Analysis

(15) Mass Media and Audio-visual Communication.

Apart from these three vocational courses, Biotechnology, Industrial chemistry and functional English focus heavily on career are also offered at the College.

Details regarding duration, fee structure and admission process, a candidate may contact the college office.