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Psychology being a very popular subject amongst the students has every year a high turn-up of students at the time of admission. We are presently running an undergraduate program where Psychology is taught as a core subject, first elective subject and second elective subject in both Gujarati and English medium.

All the departmental members engage classes in all six semesters. Every year quite a few students under take research work under the guide –ship of departmental professors. The departmental members are actively involved in different committees like IQAC, PGOP, COP and CWDC.

Other than teaching departmental member are also interested in expansion and development of the subject by engaging in personal research work and writing articles and text book.

Every year the students of our department manage to secure a position in the top fifty categories of the semester exams and annual exams held by Gujarat University.

Since 2006 Psychology department conducts a twenty credit UGC recognized COP (Career Oriented Program) course for the students of St.Xavier’s college of both Arts and Science faculty.

Members of the department have been regularly conducting PGOP sessions of the college students. Besides this, would also like on the regular basis conduct the same PGOP course for other college students so they too benefit from same.


To see Psychology department as an excellent department with a mission towards over all development of students and staff.

Mission / Goals

Academic Planning Goals
– Focus on monitoring the academically weak students
– Help students on a one to one basis where a senior bright students helps the junior weak students so that they become equally accomplished in the subject.
– A special mentoring by bright students to foreign students who are having a language handicap
– Planning to celebrate ‘Psych -week’ by organizing talks from well –known/experts in our subject and other activities including Quiz , Field trips/visits

Research Goals
All professors of psychology department assist student in under graduate research. But now plan to motivate the students to present research paper at local and state level conferences

Extension Service Goals
– COP in counseling have tied up with ‘Prabhat’ Institute for mentally challenged students (CP. MR, Autistic children ). And have been rendering their services for the last three years. These students work with children at school (Xavier’s Research Foundation) as well as conducting home visits, where they also meet parents too work out a plan as to how to deal with these children.
– From this year onwards, we are planning to include all interested students in these activities even if they are not a part of this group.

Courses Offered

  • Undergraduate – BA in Psychology
  • COP – Career oriented Programme


No Name Qualification Profile
1 Dr. Khushnuma P. Banaji M.A., Ph.D.
2 Dr. Christian Profaina Kalpesh M.A., Ph.D.
3 Dr. Arefa J. Mansuri Ph.D.
4 Dr. Arti M. Oza M.A., DCCP, GSLET, Ph.D.


Seminars and Events

Past Events/Activities:

1. Star Batch presentation
2. Educational excursions/ tours
3. Poster presentation held under the Saturday Psychology Club activity.
4. Have organized visiting lectures from subject experts
5. Professors have helped the students to prepare research papers which have been presented in State level, National and International Seminars and Conference
6. Students have been motivated to participated in subject related workshops and other activities


  • Prabhat Institute for special children (MR/Autistic etc.). On a regular basis the students of Psychology department have under taken mentoring of this MR and Autistic children.

  • The department also help in conducting sale and exhibition of different products made by these MR and Autistic children, that is the works towards their economic enhancement.

  • As part of Rakshabandhan celebration, the department also promote the activities like sale of Rakhies made by the patients of Mental Hospital locked at Delhi Darwaja at the college premises with the support from management.

  • Our faculty members are invited to conduct PGOP for students in other colleges of Ahmedabad.

  • The departmental members have also rendered services as resource persons for School Teacher Orientation Programs in Ahmedabad and other district of Gujarat.


▪ BA Psychology Semester 1 and 2
▪ BA Psychology Semeste 3 and 4
▪ Syllabus Arts Psychology Sem 5
▪ Syllabus Arts Psychology Sem 6



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