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Welcome to the Sanskrit Department, preserving our rich heritage at St. Xavier’s College since 1955.

As a classical language, it is a unique experience to study this divine language, the mother language of Indian regional languages, and sister language of Greek, Latin and English languages. In modern era too its global value has not decreased as foreign students do visit India to study Sanskrit.

We look forward to see you at St. Xavier’s college studying Sanskrit with great zeal!

We hope this web site will provide you with the information about the Department that you are looking for. If not, please let us know by sending us a short note at


Since its establishment it has been a persistent endeavor of Sanskrit department to preserve its rich heritage. Dr. C.L.Shastri, Dr. Gautam Patel, Dr. Shantikumar Pandya were the professors who established its foundation.

Currently Sanskrit department is run by three professors, holding Ph.D degree.

Sanskrit is offered as a special subject at U.G. level. At F.Y.B.A. Sanskrit is to be opted as a classical language, which is compulsory. As an elective subject, it can be opted in both the mediums, i.e. English and Gujarati respectively, at F.Y.B.A. and S.Y.B.A .level, and as a second elective subject at F.Y.B.A. level.

We encourage and guide the students to participate in various academic activities like eloquence competition, verse completion at inter college level competitions. At the same time we prepare students to undertake research based projects as well.


Sanskrit Department looks forward to have students valuing Sanskrit as a precious heritage of India. Various topics covered by its syllabus provide a new perspective and teach an Art of Living.

This department wishes the future generation to acknowledge Sanskrit as a valuable asset enabling one to be global.


Mission / Goals

As day by day Sanskrit is being less coveted by the students, our mission is concentrated on our goal to have satisfactory numbers of the students opting for this subject by making the lectures more interesting and innovative. For this we intend to implement Sanskrit in to practice by encouraging students to speak some simple sentences of Sanskrit used in daily routine.

We look forward to have spoken Sanskrit classes and to form Sanskrit society in order to inculcate interest of the students for Sanskrit. By this we wish to open a new vista in the direction of awareness for a unique value of Sanskrit. It is our goal to find the students of Sanskrit to reaching at National as well International level spreading the message of our heritage.

Courses Offered

Undergraduate Programme

B.A. in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit Department does not offer any course related to its subject as such, but we do look forward to have COP- Carrier Oriented Classes in Sanskrit. We hope, in near future the department will have its subject related COP classes.

You can avail the unitised syllabus by clicking here.


Sanskrit Department has three teaching faculties. All of them have got Ph.D. degree. Two of them have been approved as Ph. D. guide.

No Name Qualification Profile
1 Dr. Shuchita Mehta M.A. with Sanskrit, M.A. with Prakrit, Ph.D.
2 Dr. Urmi S. Shah M.A., Ph.D., B.Lib.Sc.
3 Dr. Ishwar L. Mehra M.A., Ph.D.

Seminars and Events

A Seminar on ‘Bhakti and Gnan in Indian Philosophy ‘ was organized by the department with the help of Sanskrit Academi, Gandjhinagar,in 2008

The Gita Samarabha was organized with the collaboration with The Ashrama of Ishvaranandagiriji in 2010.

Recently 6 students had participated in The Gita Gnansatra- organized by L.D. Arts college, and had won the Trophy.



B.A. semester New Course for the Sanskrit
▪ BA Sanskrit Semester 1 and 2
▪ BA Sanskrit Semester 3 and 4

Contact us

Dr. Shuchita Mehta
Head, Department of Sanskrit
St Xavier College
Phone: +91-79-26308057