There are students in the College who do not have adequate financial resources to see them through their studies comfortably. The College has reserved funds for such students. It makes available every year a number of scholarships, freeships, and prizes. Poor students have been supported financially to pay their College fees, buy books, secure bus passes, pay up mess bills etc. The College also helps them to get scholarships from the Government.


SXC offers a large number of prizes (including trophies, certificates, cash) for over-all academic performance, high grades in individual subjects, sports, co- and extra-curricular activities. There are awards for outstanding students. Some of the coveted prizes are:

Xavier Medal for Excellence for all round excellence
Dr Vikram Sarabhai Trophy for all round service to humanity
The Brother Lobo Prize for the student excelling in social service
The Orator of Xavier’s Trophy
The best Sportsman
The best Sportswoman