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Welcome to the Department of Statistics web page. We hope that you will find it helpful in learning about our undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as about our students, faculty and staff. The St. Xavier’s College Ahmedabad is the flagship educational institution in the State. We invite you to use the various links to our home page to learn more about the unique opportunities for students at under graduate level.

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The department of Statistics was established in the year 1956.

The department offers courses in Statistics at the undergraduate level to both Arts and Science students. It also offers an elective paper to third year students.

The statistician today is a partner in most scientific and technologic endeavours. The Bachelor of Science programme in Statistics offered by the department concentrates on broad based, flexible educational pathways, emphasizing the theoretical, practical, or computational aspects of probability and statistics. The programme serves the needs of future statisticians in science, industry, business, and government, at the same time as providing the necessary background and stimulation for graduate study; it also offers excellent opportunities for double-majoring in Statistics and Mathematics or Computer Science.

The department has 6 full time faculties.



Courses Offered

Our academic staffs are scientists, experts in their field. We`ll keep you up to date with the very latest developments in an exciting and rapidly changing area. We`ll give you the knowledge and skills to be part of new discoveries throughout your career in Science.

This degree will give you knowledge of Statistics along with a broad grounding in other allied subjects.

We offer a three year programme (six semesters). First year is a broadly based programme, gaining experience in a range of areas in Science subjects. In your second and third year, you`ll study your chosen subjects in more depth and develop your practical skills. We also offer SPSS and applied Statistics course for all the students under Carrier Oriented Programme.(COP)

You can avail the unitised syllabus by clicking here.


No Name Qualification Profile
1 Dr. Ushakar B. Gothi B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.
2 B. B. Bhadauria M.Sc.
3 Dr. Nandita Francis Christy M.Sc., Ph.D., B.Ed., PGDCA
4 Ms. Shraddha Bhatt M. sc., M. Phil.
5 Mr. Kirtan Parmar M. sc., M. Phil.
6 Ms. Aruna Pandya M. sc., M. Phil.


Course Structure (CBCS) for Science faculty:
▪ BSc Statistics Electives Semester 1 to 4
▪ BSc Statistics Semester 1-2-3-4

Course Structure (CBCS) for Arts faculty:
▪ BA Statistics Semester 1 to 4